What would your mother say….about teens and alcohol?

March 30, 2011 tooboots
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It’s Wednesday, aka Moms Council Day! Here is the question of the week and my answer below. If you want to read the setup, as well as what the rest of the Peanut Gallery had to say, here’s the link. Hit or miss, I’d love to hear what you think….


Q: How have you, or how would you, address the topic of alcohol with your teen? Do you think allowing your teen a small glass of wine with dinner on occasion is wrong?

A: I’ve allowed my teenage son a supervised sip of alcohol from time to time – occasion permitting. Do I think a taste of champagne during holidays, or a sip of my cocktail at a wedding, is committing my son to a lifetime of alcoholism? The answer would be no. My husband and I will often have wine with dinner, or even a stronger offering, many times in front of our children. We choose not to hide, because by doing so we are categorizing alcohol consumption as wrong and forbidden, and in the eyes of a teenager this can be perceived as glamorous. Better to behave as if wine or a cocktail is an accepted and normal part of life, within moderation. The struggle has been more about the discussion of alcohol with my teenager. He’s aware of the consequences of underage drinking, as well as the dangers of drinking and driving. Our deal of the moment involves a “no questions asked policy” as long as he calls me for a pick up from any situation involving alcohol. Not exactly perfect, but better than him driving or catching a ride from someone intoxicated. My preferable situation would have him stay away from such parties, or for that matter, any gatherings using the dreaded red plastic cup.


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  • 1. literarychicks78  |  April 6, 2011 at 2:16 am

    With all of my kids raised, I can say that talking works with some, and being an example works with others, but some just have to charge out into life and try things themselves. The no questions asked policy works pretty well, but sometimes it’s no fun. Dragging a six foot tall drunk into your minivan, strapping him in, and handing him a bucket, then praying that you’ll make it home before he decides to use it, isn’t what I would classify as entertainment, but at the end of it all, you still have your kid. If the next morning’s hangover is bad enough, and his siblings are loud and obnoxious enough (Don’t make them be quiet for him), confronting him may not even be necessary. Some kids, however, because of their emotional or chemical make up are going to get heavily into it regardless of the example we set, or the rules we establish. All we can do in these cases is keep loving them and pray.

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