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RedBox Etiquette Rules

The RedBox line was long and unusually slow tonight. (Ok, so I had my two sons wait fall in line, while I waited inside the car for my turn. And cursed my husband’s distrust of Netflix) Here are some RedBox etiquette rules I’d like to propose:

  1. You should come to the RedBox with a movie, or two, in mind. Touch screen browsing through every single available title should only be done if NO ONE is waiting in line.
  2. Available titles are displayed on the board. Already in line? This would be a good time to scan new movies.
  3. Form a line at a respectable distance behind whoever is using the screen. Three feet and a little to the right is sufficient. Don’t you hate it when you can feel their gaze and breathe on the back of your neck?
  4. Have your credit card ready for check-out. There is no reason we should have to watch you fumble for your purse, or pat your back pockets.
  5. Don’t cut in line with the pretense of a return. Unless you are returning a recently released title, then announce it—someone may want it tonight.
  6. The driver of a car, with engine running, parked in front of the box is next in line. This is considered the default, especially if it’s raining, or below zero.
  7. If you don’t see your title after browsing in the new arrivals section, don’t bother using the alphabetical listing. It’s just gone.

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